How to Order Lee Industries Replacement Slipcovers & Cushions

Do you have an old Lee Industries slipcovered piece of furniture that you’d like to give new life to? We can help you order replacement slipcovers and/or cushions for your furniture, making it as good as new.

First, you’ll want to find out if you can get a replacement slipcover - not all styles have them available. If you have an older style you may run into one of two issues: many discontinued styles do not have slipcovers available anymore or if a slipcover is available, it may not fit. Slipcovers for pieces over ten years old are not guaranteed to fit as dimensions may change over time. A slipcover may also not be availalble if you have a piece that is currently upholstered. Slipcovers are only available for styles that originally had a slipcover option. If you went with a slipcover initially, it’s easy to swap it out for a new one. If you have an upholstered piece, you still might be able to buy a Lee Industries slipcover to go over it, but not always (it depends on the style). We can help you figure that out. Please note that, even if there is a slipcover available for your style, slipcovers are not guaranteed to fit over previously upholstered pieces, as there may be issues with the thickness or texture of the existing fabric that will affect the fit. You can read more about this on our blog.

Replacement cushions can be ordered for all current styles. You can read more about that and answers to some other common slipcover questions on our blog post here.

Most people are curious about pricing before they order. While final prices depend on the final fabric selected, here is a general idea of where they start:

  • L-Sectional: $1900
  • Chaise Sectional: $1600
  • Sofa or Loveseat: $1000
  • Chair and a Half: $650
  • Chair: $500
  • Ottoman: $200
  • Dining Chair with Skirt: $250
  • Dining Chair with No Skirt: $200
  • Host Dining Chair with Arms & Skirt: $450

To move forward with ordering a new slipcover please email the following information to

Style number: If you know the style number of your furniture, please include it in your email and you will be well on your way to getting your new slipcover. If you don’t know it, we can get it from the tag on your furniture. Look for something called the “prod id” (this is the main number we need). On more recent tags, the style number will be on a large white tag found on the deck (the part of the sofa or chair the cushions rest upon) or, if there is no seat cushion, under the seat. Go ahead and take a picture of the tag and send it so we can make sure we get the correct numbers without any errors in communication. If you can’t find the tag, start with the next step.
Picture of your furniture: This is a good place for us to start if there is no tag. It’s also a good way for us to double check the style number and make sure we’re ordering you the correct slipcover, so include this even if you know the style number.
The color and/or type of fabric you are going for: With this information, we can send you fabric swatches right away.
Your mailing address: This is so we can get those swatches to you.
Phone Number: It helps to have this in case we have any questions along the way.