Karastan: High Quality Rugs Since 1928

A Long History

In a North Carolina mill during the 1920s, textile manufacturer Marshall Field & Co. created an exciting and innovative product: machine-made oriental-design rugs that were both high quality and realistically priced. These elegant new rugs, almost impossible to distinguish from expensive, imported, hand-woven originals, were introduced by Wanamaker’s New York department store in 1928, and the Karastan brand was born.

Made in America

So advanced was the new manufacturing process that the trade press referred to the first Karastan rugs as “Mystery Rugs.” Karastan still manufactures rugs in Georgia, continuing its tradition of innovation and technological advancements in carpet production. The result today is a line of products known for their quality, beauty and durability.

Environmental Responsibility

As a leader in the carpet and rug industry, Karastan takes its position of environmental responsibility seriously. All Karastan carpets are tested and certified for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and certain other chemicals, helping preserve the quality of the air in your home. In addition, over the past five years, their looms have been made more efficient, saving energy and time. Those benefits, combined with the exceptional longevity of woven carpets, make the environmental footprint of Karastan products up to one-half that of conventional floorcoverings.

Karastan also works hard to eliminate waste. One of the ways they accomplish this is by recycling leftover carpet yarns and other items. The scraps are repurposed into useful products, like carpet cushion, thus keeping millions of pounds of waste out of our landfills. As well as utilizing their own post-industrial waste, Karastan also recycles consumer plastic soda and water bottles to make polyester fiber.

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