Furniture Delivery Measurement Guide

You know what’s sad? Waiting weeks for your new furniture only to find out you can’t get it into your house. Don’t let delivery day be a disappointment! Make sure your items will fit before you order.

Download our Delivery Measurement Worksheet for further help.

1. Have the dimensions of your new furniture handy

  • The outside dimensions (width, depth, and height) are measured at their widest, deepest and tallest parts.
  • For many upholstered pieces, the true height is the Back Rail Height since the outside dimensions include the cushions (which can be removed).
  • Sectionals are delivered in multiple pieces, so use the dimensions of each individual piece.

2. Measure the outside entry door.

  • Measure the first door the furniture will enter.  If your door does not swing completely out of the way, the door and doorknob must be accounted for. You may also be able to remove the door.
  • Think about how the furniture can be turned and twisted to fit through the doorway. For example, if your doorway is narrower than the sofa depth, check the back rail height to see if flipping it onto its back will allow it to fit.
  • If the doorway is taller than the furniture’s width, you may be able to place the sofa on one end and twist it through the doorway seat first.  This works best if the inside walls are not on both sides of the doorway (no room to “twist”).

3. Take clearance into account (how much space you have inside the entry door).

  • Are you going to have to turn your sofa as soon as you get it through the door?
  • Will the door be in the way of getting the furniture inside the house?
  • If your entrance is opposite a wall, either inside or outside, is there room to get your furniture completely through the door before having to turn it?
  • Many sofas can make it through a tight clearance if stood on its end, if your doorway is tall enough.

4. Don’t forget the elevator (if your furniture will be riding in one).

  • Measure the width and height of the door opening and the space inside.
  • Take into account handrails or other obstacles.
  • If the elevator is not very deep, you may be able to get your furniture in by slanting/tilting it back towards the rear. 

5. Measure the width and height of all hallways, stairwells and door openings.

  • Take into account doorknobs and handrails that are not removable.
  • If your piece is going upstairs, is there enough space to turn on the landing?
  • Is the ceiling over the stairwell lower than elsewhere in the house? If so, then standing a sofa on its end to get around a tight corner may not work.

6. Identify any turns in the path.

  • Is there adequate clearance to make the turn?
  • Measure ceiling height. If there is a tight turn, a sofa may be able to make it if it is flipped on its end – the ceiling must be at least 6 inches greater than the width of the sofa to provide space to flip the sofa (100 inch sofa with a 36 inch back rail height is the most stressing case)
  • Don’t forget to account of hanging lights and architectural features that may get in the way of a sofa on its end.

7. Moment of Truth: Compare your measurements to the item’s dimensions.

  • Do the dimensions exceed the height or width of any of the points along the delivery pathway?
  • Doorways and hallways should be greater than at least one dimension of the furniture piece
  • Identify tight corners where you would have to flip a sofa on its end and make sure the ceiling height is 6 inches greater than the overall length of the furniture piece.

8. Think of solutions if it looks like you may have difficulty.

  • You can always ask us if the legs are removable. Some pieces have legs that can be unscrewed, making the overall height less.
  • Think about alternative delivery routes: entering through a garage, patio door, or service entrance.
  • Removing doors, railings and fixtures can also sometimes add those last important inches.

If you think that you may have a problem with fit, please contact us with your delivery measurements before placing your order. Our customer service representatives will be glad to help.

 Please Note: Our delivery service DOES NOT include the removal of any obstacles. This is your responsibility before arrival.

If your item doesn’t fit, and has to be returned, we will take it back. However, our Standard Refund and Restocking Fee policies will apply.