Lamon Luther: Employing Those In Need

Named for a southern craftsman and farmer born in 1930, the Lamon Luther workshop uses reclaimed and repurposed materials to create hand-crafted furniture. But beautiful and functional furniture and accessories aren’t all that Lamon Luther builds.

A hand up, not a handout

Lamon Luther rebuilds lives by providing work for men who are jobless and homeless. It started when founder Brian Preston talked with homeless men living in the woods near his home outside Atlanta. When he asked what they wanted most, the answer was “a job.”  Even with prior carpentry and construction experience, it was impossible for these men to find jobs without an address, identification, or transportation. As Brian got to know them, he decided to do everything he could to help. So he quit his job and started a company based upon the premise that every man has the potential to create and build. Two months after he hired his first employees in 2012, the men were able to move out of the woods and into a group home.

Saving forests

Using reclaimed materials, each Lamon Luther piece represent a saved tree as well as a reclaimed life. Wood from old barns is de-nailed and kiln dried. After careful selection, a 10-step process results in solid rustic furniture, made with a finish that is safe for children and animals. 


Every piece of Lamon Luther furniture reflects the pride of the craftsman who made it. You can enhance the beauty of your home and provide a home for someone else at the same time. Lamon Luther reinvests all of their earnings into hiring more craftsman. With every purchase, you are restoring hope.

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