Exeter Glass Top Round Table

Have the most eye-catching dining room in town with our Exeter table. It features a geometric base that looks like it shouldn’t be able to support itself, but due to some ingenious engineering, is as sturdy as it is beautiful. Built of solid cherry or walnut and available in 3 different sizes and 4 finishes.

Made of 100% solid hardwood from sustainably managed domestic forests – NO imported wood, composite wood (MDF or particle board) or plywood. Topped with a Greenguard-certified catalyzed lacquer for an extremely durable finish and low chemical emissions. 

All sizes are available for quick shipping and will ship in two weeks!

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  • Use to maintain a modern look
  • Geometric walnut or cherry base
  • Walnut has a natural dark color and visible wood grain. It’s topped with a matte top coat for a finish that isn’t shiny at all.
  • Cherry has a beautiful wood grain, though it is less visible in darker stains. It’s topped with a low-sheen top coat for a look that is smooth and not overly shiny.

Finish options:

  • Natural Walnut
  • Natural Cherry (a blond with reddish undertones)
  • Saddle Cherry (a medium-dark brown)
  • Smoke Cherry (a dark brown with gray undertones)

Great for:

  • Glamour Queen
  • Modern Natural
  • Neutral Industry


  • 48” will seat 4-5
  • 54” will seat 5-6
  • 60” will seat 7-8
  • Cherry wood will darken as it ages and sunlight accelerates this process. To prevent light and dark patterns from developing in the first year of ownership, please keep your furniture away from windows and make sure to rotate or periodically remove items placed on their tops.
  • Our finish protects wood from water better than oils and traditional lacquers. In most instances, a small puddle of water will fully evaporate before causing any damage. No finish can protect solid wood from the damages that can occur from extreme heat or cold. Always use a coaster or other protective padding when placing hot or cold dishes and beverages on your furniture.
  • Keep wood furniture away from direct sunlight.
  • Dust regularly with a soft, non-abrasive cloth, always following the grain of the wood. You will not need to oil or wax your furniture. Clean with a soft damp cloth, then quickly wipe dry. DO NOT USE SILICONE-BASED POLISHES.


Melding traditional techniques with modern technology and design, Copeland Furniture creates pieces that will last for generations. Great care is taken during each step of manufacturing to ensure their pieces are the highest quality. Environmental responsibility is taken seriously: The majority of the wood is sourced within 500 miles of the factory and renewable energies are used whenever possible.
  • Glass tabletop takes up less visual space so is good for smaller rooms
  • Pair with wood chairs of the same finish for a clean, modern look
  • Choose a wood chair with an open back, like the Kyoto, so you can see more of the base

All measurements in inches

Width 48 | 54 | 60 round
Depth 48 | 54 | 60 round
Height 30