Cary Nesting Tables


Cary Nesting Tables


Nesting tables are extremely versatile since they can expand or be moved as needed. The Cary tables feature subtle ridges under the table tops and come with glass and mirror tops on metal bases in dark pewter tones. Bases are hand-forged solid steel. Craftsmanship takes time – your furniture is built especially for you and will ship in six to eight weeks.


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  • This style works in almost any room
  • The texture under the tabletops adds interest without being overwhelming
  • The unique finish of the metal base highlights natural variations in the metal, while maintaining a polished look
  • Large table has a clear glass top
  • Small table has a mirror top

Great for:

  • Fresh Traditional

  • Modern Natural

  • Neutral Industry

  • Updated Vintage


  • The small table tucks neatly under the larger one, so perfect for getting maximum surface area without taking up too much space
  • Works great in between two chairs

  • Glass surface means you won’t need coasters for drinks

  • Rounded shape has no corners that could pose as a danger to kids or shins


For more than 30 years, Charleston Forge has magically turned solid steel into stunning furniture. Its artisans combine ago-old blacksmithing techniques and modern technology to produce pieces that stand up to heavy use, while adding a unique accent to your home. Created one at a time, by hand, each made-to-order piece melds functionality, beauty and strength.
Designer Insight

Designer Insight

  • Metal table brings a new element to a space with wood occasional tables
  • Glass and mirror tops resist damage and are easy to clean, but show dirt and fingerprints



All measurements in inches

Width 13.75 diameter | 17.25 diameter
Depth 13.75 diameter | 17.25 diameter
Height 20.5 | 23.25

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