Maxey Sand Area Rug


Maxey Sand Area Rug


The look of light tan sisal with a soft texture that actually feels good.

Smartstrand and wool blend. Smartstrand has an extremely soft, plush feel. It is made, in part, with renewable plant-based materials and is certified free of harmful substances. Lifetime stain resistance that won’t wash or wear off over time is built into every Smartstrand fiber.


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A rug pad provides padding, grips the rug to the floor, and extends the life of your rug. Ours is 1/4" thick and is two-sided for use on either hard floor or carpet. Some rug pad sizes may not be the exact size of the rug, but this is okay as there will just be a small part of the edge of the rug without pad underneath

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  • Low pile with gray loops that create a subtle linear pattern.

  • Non-patterned area rug is a great backdrop for your furniture.

  • Neutral colors go with almost any color.

  • Custom sizes available.

  • Main colors: cream, linen

  • Secondary color: gray

Great for:

  • Fresh Traditional

  • Glamour Queen

  • Neutral Industry

  • Modern Natural

  • Updated Vintage


  • In a living room, select a rug big enough so that the front legs of the major furniture pieces can sit on it at least a couple inches from the edge. 8 x 11 and 9 x 12 sizes work well in many living rooms.

  • Area rugs in bedrooms should be large enough to go under the bed and provide a couple of feet of rug on either side to walk on.

  • Instead of a single area rug, bedrooms can also have smaller rugs that fit in the spaces on the side of the bed or at the foot of the bed. Runners are good for this purpose in small bedrooms.

  • Rugs in dining rooms need to be large enough so that when someone is sitting in a chair, it’s completely on the rug. At least 2 feet of rug outside of the table should do the trick. If you can get more than 2 feet of border, than that’s even better.


Since 1928, Karastan has been creating gorgeous rugs known as much for their looks as for their quality and durability. Made using innovative weaving techniques, Karastan rugs not only beautify your home, but also contribute to a cleaner world. Karastan’s commitment to the environment includes responsible manufacturing processes and the production of carpets that are all certified as low-VOC.
Designer Insight

Designer Insight

  • Light background may show dirt, but it should come out. (Smartstrand is stain-resistant.)
  • The subtle pattern and muted color palette won’t distract from other décor in the room.
  • Can go with any style of furniture.
  • Goes well with furniture or fabric that has a busy pattern
  • Can work with almost any accent color.



All measurements in inches

Available Sizes 2'3" x 8' Runner | 3'6" x 5'6" | 5' x 8' | 5'10" x 9' | 7' x 10' | 8' x 10' | 8' x 11' | 9' x 11'10" | 10' x 13'

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