Leather Magic UV Protectant


Leather Magic UV Protectant


Suntan lotion for your leather! UV Protectant protects leather from the ill effects of direct exposure to sunlight such as fading and drying. Determine your type of leather and the products you need by reading our Leather Magic Product Selection Guide.


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  • For all types of leather (highly recommended for Unsealed and Nubuck (Napped) Leathers)

  • Use when your leather is first purchased, and it will stay looking like new!

  • UV Protectant will not stain most leathers, or cause any changes in the nap or feel


  • Leather Magic!™ UV Protectant has been designed to work on almost all types of fabric, not just leather

  • It is effective in protecting fabrics from fading and dry rot resulting from direct exposure to sunlight

  • As with all leather care products, you should test a small, inconspicuous area before using


Leather Magic!™ manufactures a complete line of high quality, professional-grade leather care products.  Nearly 30 years ago, Leather Magic started in North Carolina as a leather repair and restoration company. That hands-on experience led them to develop products that will help you preserve and protect your leather furniture like a pro. Read more about Leather Magic here.

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Designer Insight


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