Leather Magic Nubuck Leather Cleaner


Leather Magic Nubuck Leather Cleaner


Leather Magic!™ Nubuck Leather Cleaner is designed specifically for the softer, unsealed and napped types of leather. Determine your type of leather and the products you need by reading our Leather Magic Product Selection Guide.


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  • Preserves, protects and beautifies all Unsealed, Nubuck (Napped) and Pull-up Leather

  • Balanced to the pH range of leather itself, and rinses away easily

  • Easily removes soiling, oils and light stains that occur in softer and unprotected leather.

  • When applied properly, Nubuck Leather Cleaner will not stain the leather, or cause it to become stiff


  • Recommended maintenance routine includes cleaning and conditioning to be performed every three months to keep leather looking and performing its best

  • As with all leather care products, you should test a small, inconspicuous area before using


Leather Magic!™ manufactures a complete line of high quality, professional-grade leather care products.  Nearly 30 years ago, Leather Magic started in North Carolina as a leather repair and restoration company. That hands-on experience led them to develop products that will help you preserve and protect your leather furniture like a pro. Read more about Leather Magic here.

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