Menlo Park Chaise Sectional

Menlo Park Chaise Sectional


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  • 102" has two cushions, including the chaise (easily fits two people per seat, if they don't mind being close)

  • 146" has three cushions, including the chaise
  • The straight lines make this a more modern piece, while the T-cushions add a traditional touch

  • Lower arms keep the piece from being too overwhelming, but the super-sized scale means it doesn't work in a small room

  • Topstitch cushions add a modern element and provide smooth seams

  • Some images may show custom design and/or fabrics. If you'd like to order with custom options or sectional configurations, please contact us.

Great for:

  • Fresh Traditional

  • Modern Natural

  • Neutral Industry


  • Our largest seat depth—a whopping 28 inches—makes this a great option for people who are on the taller side

  • Deep seat may not work for shorter individuals, although don’t rule it out if you are going to mostly lie down on it or will have throw pillows that will shorten the depth

  • Lower arms aren’t great for leaning up against, and since the arms are straight, you may need an extra pillow for comfort

Comfort Metrics

3 1 1
Seat Depth Back Support Arm Height


Sustainability is at the heart of Lee Industries’ culture. Lee is an industry leader in creating environmentally-friendly furniture, using wood from sustainable forests, low-VOC finishes, and soy-based foam cushions. Lee also helps to sustain the local economy in North Carolina by providing jobs for more than 600 American workers and purchasing most components for its furniture from suppliers located within 10 miles of its manufacturing facilities. Read more about Lee Industries here.

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