Tomlin 3 Drawer Small Dresser / Nightstand


This small dresser or nightstand mixes straight lines with traditional ring hardware, resulting in a piece of bedroom furniture that goes with a variety of styles. Available in 12 finishes with 3 knob options. Made of 100% solid hardwood from sustainably managed domestic forests – NO imported wood, composite wood (MDF or particle board), plywood, or veneers. Drawers feature dovetail construction, solid ash sides and bottom, and are on soft-close metal glides. Topped with a catalyzed lacquer for an extremely durable finish. Craftsmanship takes time – your furniture is built especially for you and will ship in six to eight weeks. Custom sizes available – please contact us for details.

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  • Straight lines are dressed up with elegant ring pulls
  • Mitered box creates clean corners and a sleek look
  • The legs and base give the appearance of being a separate piece
  • Features three drawers
  • Built out of solid maple or solid cherry
  • Cherry wood has a visible grain
  • Maple’s appearance is more uniform with subtle grain
  • Choice of knob finish: satin brass, polished nickel, or burnished

    Finish options:
    • Natural Cherry (blond with reddish undertones)
    • Seasoned Cherry (a medium brown finish with subtle nicks and marks)
    • Derby Cherry (a dark brown wood finish)
    • Kettle Maple (medium brown finish)
    • Kona Maple (a medium-dark brown finish)
    • Stout Maple (a dark brown finish)
    • Shoreline Gray Maple (a medium gray finish)
    • White Painted
    • Lambswool Painted (off-white with hints of gray)
    • Stoney Brook Painted (medium gray with darker striations)
    • River Rock Painted (charcoal gray with blue undertones)
    • Black Painted

    Great for:
    • Fresh Traditional
    • Glamour Queen
    • Modern Natural
    • Neutral Industry
    • Updated Vintage


  • This piece can be used as a small dresser or large nightstand
  • As a larger nightstand, it looks better with king size beds
  • Put in a small entry for extra storage to house hats, dog leashes, keys, or whatever else you need to access easily
  • In a living or dining room, you can use it to store blankets, linens, or serving ware
  • Cherry wood will darken as it ages and sunlight accelerates this process. To prevent light and dark patterns from developing in the first year of ownership, please keep your furniture away from windows and make sure to rotate or periodically remove items placed on their tops. Our darker Derby stain makes this color change less noticeable.
  • Our finish protects wood from water better than oils and traditional lacquers do. In most instances, a small puddle of water will fully evaporate before causing any damage. No finish can protect solid wood from the damages that can occur from extreme heat or cold. Always use a coaster or other protective padding when placing hot or cold dishes and beverages on your furniture.
  • Keep wood furniture away from direct sunlight.
  • Dust regularly with a soft, non-abrasive cloth, always following the grain of the wood. You will not need to oil or wax your furniture. Clean with a soft damp cloth, then quickly wipe dry. DO NOT USE SILICONE-BASED POLISHES.


Located in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, Gat Creek builds furniture by hand from solid wood that’s been responsibly harvested from nearby forests. Its craftsmen take pride in both what they create and how it is created, resulting in stylish pieces that demonstrate respect for nature, fine workmanship, and award-winning design. Read more about Gat Creek here.

  • Make this look more formal by going with any of the wood finishes
  • For a Modern Natural or Farmhouse look, choose Lambswool, Stoney Brook, or Shoreline Gray with burnished or nickel knobs
  • Neutral Industry should choose any wood finish, River Rock, or Stoney Brook with burnished pulls
  • Glamour Queen should choose Derby or River Rock with brass knobs or Shoreline or Stoney Brook with nickel knobs
  • Fresh Traditional and Updated Vintage can choose any finish
  • Custom sizes available – contact us for details

All measurements in inches

Width 30
Depth 19
Height 26